The fixed seed oils also called carrier oils and the essential oils can be confused by thinking they are both "oils" but they are very different botanical compounds. Learn about the important differences here.

Want to make high quality herbal and botanical extracts for skin care products?  Botanical Alchemy is just for you. This extensive course contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of making plant extracts. Think of this course as your key to…

Natural cream making using beeswax rather than synthetic emulsifying waxes. The techniques, proportions and other necessary elements to make this form of emulsion flawless while being exceptional for the skin.

Balms and oleums, salves and unguents; oil based skin care products thickened with waxes. Some of the names are old fashioned like oleum and unguent but they are all essentially the same, being made with only lipid type ingredients. Preservative free and completely natural these are ancient techniques made modern with a wide variety of natural materials.

SOLUM&HERBE: For twenty years we have been making skin care, body care products, and soap. A tremendous amount of research has gone into mastering the techniques, ingredient search and trial and error to develop our line of wonderful and natural products! All our formulas have been developed on site and tested over years to be beneficial for the body and stable as products.

You can benefit from our years of experience by taking one or all of our classes.  We’d like to help you on your journey.


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